New Year’s Eve Celebrations Around the World

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Where will you ring in 2011? From fireworks at the Eiffel Tower to watching the ball drop in Times Square, the opportunities for revelry are endless (admittedly, most involve champagne and fireworks).

Celebrating the beginning of another year in another country is an experience you will never forget. Here are some top global New Year’s Eve celebrations to consider (as well as the expressions you’ll need to really get into the spirit!):


Head to Copacabana Beach for one of the most impressive New Year’s Eve fireworks displays in the world. Dress in white (as is the Brazilian custom) and get to the beach early to enjoy the crowded revelry (and to find a place to watch the fireworks from).  (“Happy New Year” in Portuguese is “Feliz Ano Novo.”)


Solana Blue Harbor Shopping Park in Beijing hosts rock concerts and fireworks display on New Year’s Eve. Be ready for massive crowds.  (“Happy New Year” in Chinese is “Xin Nian Hao.”)


Copenhagen City Hall is definitely where you should be when the clock strikes midnight. Celebrate with the Danes while watching an impressive fireworks display. (“Happy New Year” in Danish is “Godt Nytår.”)


Parisians pack into the Champs-de-Mars (the large grassy area across from the Eiffel Tower) to witness a remarkable fireworks show (timed to music) when the clock strikes twelve. Bundle up or have some champagne to help you stay warm.  (“Happy New Year” in French is “Bonne Année.”)


Edinburgh’s Princes street is the place to be on New Year’s Eve. Have a drink (or several) in one of the many pubs and eateries in this area and then stumble out onto the street before midnight to witness the celebratory cannon shot followed by a fireworks display.


Funchal Harbor on the island of Madeira (just off the coast of Portugal) hosts one of the world’s largest fireworks displays (it’s mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records). (“Happy New Year” in Portuguese is “Feliz Ano Novo.”)


Head to the Statue of Welcome fountain to watch fireworks during New Year celebrations in Jakarta. (“Happy New Year” in Indonesian is “Selamat Tahun Baru.”)

New Year's Even Fireworks over the Sydney Opera House (Australia)


The famous Brandenburg Gate is where you should go to see the most impressive fireworks display in Germany. (“Happy New Year” in German is “Ein Gutes Neues Jahr.”)


Have you ever seen fireworks explode off the top of a skyscraper? This is what you can expect to experience on New Year’s Even in Taipei City. They set off fireworks from the world’s tallest completed skyscraper, Taipei 101. (“Happy New Year” in Chinese is “Xin Nian Hao.”)


Head to Singapore’s financial district to watch fireworks and welcome the New Year in style.  (You’ll be understood with “Happy New Year” in Singapore, but if you want to give it a whirl in Malay, it’s “Selamat Tahun Baru.”)


Fireworks explode each New Year’s at midnight over the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House. A spectacular sight.

Don’t have the funds to jet off to an exotic locale for New Year’s Eve? Not to worry. You can still have an international experience (and shout the new expressions you learned) from the comfort of your own home. CNN and several other cable channels cover New Year’s celebrations from around the world.

Happy 2011!

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