Travel Cheap With Rail Passes

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When most travelers hear the word Rail Pass, they think of the Euro Rail. The Euro Rail is one of the most popular travel discount strategies when backpacking Europe. It allows travelers to purchase trip packages so that travel is possible between many countries, without having to buy individual tickets. Buying a Euro Rail pass remains one of the most popular tools for cheap travel when you’re visiting and traveling within Europe.

What most people don’t know is, is that there are rail passes available for other countries that can help backpackers travel cheaply all over the world as well.

Amtrak is the most popular series of railroads and buses in the United States. It provides travelers with unlimited travel for thirty days when a pass is purchased. Traveling to Alaska is possible via the Alaskan Railroad, although this trip is not typically included in a normal Amtrak pass. If you’re vacationing in Japan, you can buy rail passes for a 7, 14 or 21 days depending on your vacation plans. Vacationers can access almost every popularly traveled part of Japan through this intricate and well-traveled railway system. There are even Australia rail passes for travelers, to help them commute within the country more affordably. Since Australia is so large and the cities so far apart Rail Australia most commonly provides access to only western Australia cities.

Purchasing a rail pass is a great way to save on transportation costs. You avoid the expenses of renting a car and the large expense of trying to purchase flights to travel longer distances. Most people enjoy traveling by bus or via the railway system. You are able to watch the countryside turn over, relax and enjoy your vacation knowing that you have saved money by traveling in such an efficient and user-friendly way. The next time you’re taking a vacation, think about traveling using a rail pass to save money.

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