Free Fun at Bangkok’s Lumphini Park, Thailand

in Thailand

Lumphini Park is like a little oasis in the center of bustling Bangkok’s shopping districts and eat streets, a place to enjoy life at a slower pace and get back to nature.

It’s also a great place to spend time in Thailand for free, or close to it!

The sprawling parklands are spread out across 142 acres in the heart of the city. Its centerpiece is a beautiful created lake. You can experience its splendor up close by renting a boat or enjoying a picnic lunch on its banks.

If you’re an early riser see locals performing traditional fan dancing, yoga, and tai chi each morning at 6 am. The running trails are also popular amongst businessmen keen to start their day with a workout.

As the sun goes down you can get your heart pumping with a free outdoor aerobics class. Forget about looking silly and enjoy the retro exercise every day from 6 pm. Between February and April, free musical concerts are also held in the park every Sunday evening. Free art exhibitions, fairs, and plays, are also staged at various times of the year.

Make sure you listen out for the Thai national anthem, which is pumped through the park each day at 8 am and 6 pm. Visitors should stand still as a sign of respect during these times.

Lumphini Park in Bangkok, Thailand

Lumphini Park in Bangkok, Thailand

Unlike many parks around the world, dogs are not permitted at Lumphini Park. You also can’t smoke there, so the air is always clean and fresh. Forget about flying a kite or tossing around a football, as these activities are also banned. Cycling is permitted but only during certain hours; you can only ride a bike there between 5 am and 3 pm. Anyone caught breaking these rules is fined 2000 baht, so you’d best stay on the straight and narrow!

All those regulations may seem a bit off putting, but they ensure Lumphini Park is a great place for Bangkok locals and tourists alike to enjoy.

[Image Source: Anna/Flickr]

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