Travel to the Taj Mahal in India, One of the World’s Greatest Wonders

in India

tajmahalThe Taj Mahal is regarded as one of the world’s great architectural achievements. You’ll find this stunning mausoleum in Agra, 200 kilometers south of the Indian capital, New Delhi.

The fifth Muslim emperor Shah Jehan ordered the Taj Mahal’s construction in memory of his second and most adored wife, Arjumand Banu. The couple was married in 1612, and had fourteen children before she died during labor in 1630. Building began in the year she died and was completed 22 years later, thanks to the combined power of 20, 000 people and 1000 elephants.

The Taj Mahal showcases a variety of architectural styles thanks to its Hindi, Mogul, Islamic, and Persian influences.

Craftsman and material also came from the far flung nations of China and Italy to assist in its completion. The building appears especially beautiful at dawn and sunset, and its iconic white walls appear to glow in the moonlight. Its impressive exterior is matched by a breathtaking interior. The walls are decorated with dainty floral patterns and calligraphy embedded with semi-precious stones. The Taj Mahal’s two main chambers are built one on top of the other. Both octagonal rooms contain two jewel-covered sarcophagi; one intended for the king and the other, his queen. The crypts in the upper room are just for show, however, as their actual remains are hidden in the lower room.

The Taj Mahal is open to tourists every day but Fridays. Adults must pay to enter, but children under 12 receive free admission. The months from March to April and October to December are the best times to visit. From July to September India experiences monsoonal rains, while temperatures soar from April to June. The days surrounding the full moons are the busiest, so if you want to miss the crowds it’s also best to avoid these times.

Travelers hoping to enjoy the Taj Mahal’s beauty for a little longer can stay at The Oberoi Amarvilas, which sits just 600 meters away. The resort claims that all 102 luxury rooms have uninterrupted views of the monument. The facilities are first class, including two fine dining restaurants, a gymnasium, spa, and heated pool for year-round swimming.

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