Explore New Delhi On Foot Or Bike – Traffic-Free Havens in India

in India

Traveling around India can be a scary prospect for foreigners, with unpredictable drivers all zooming about at high speeds.

It's enough to deter anyone from a casual stroll or cycle. But there are a few places around New Delhi worth exploring on foot, or two wheels. Dwarka, near India's international airport, has the capacity to house more than a million people. Yet this large residential center is one of the few places in India that’s not overcrowded. It’s only around 40% occupied, so the roads are delightfully underutilized and of great quality. If you'd prefer a longer journey you can hire a bike from the Delhi Metro Station for 30 rupees, the equivalent of one American dollar. Once you’ve got two wheels, head towards Gurgaon. Even during peak time, the ride is pleasant and peaceful. If you want to learn more about India's history head to Sansar Marg in South-Central Delhi. The track from Sansar Marg to India Gate, via Connaught Place, takes in many historic sites. Look out for the Old Fort and Raj Ghat, a memorial to peaceful leader Mahatma Gandhi. Given the tourist attractions around these parts it can get busy during peak times, but it's very tranquil in the early morning. Delhi University is like a green oasis in the middle of the capital city. It's easy to spend a day exploring the campus' leafy grounds and the off-road cycling trails of the DU Ridge. Cars are prohibited here, so you can look about without fear of a motor vehicle encounter. Once you've worked up an appetite, visit the nearby shopping district of Kamla Nagar for a bite to eat.

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