Australia’s Best Shiraz at South Australia’s Wine Capital, The Barossa Valley

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Australians are wine pioneers, inventing the wine cask or wine-in-a-box and the innovative screw-cap lid. While the land Down Under has many wine regions to explore, few have the allure of South Australia’s Barossa Valley. The Barossa is located around 60 kilometers northeast of the South Australian capital of Adelaide.

Vineyard in the Barossa Valley, South Australia

A vineyard in the Barossa Valley, South Australia

The region is famous for shiraz, or syrah as it’s called in many parts of Europe and The United States. Here the red wine is bold and earthy, full of flavor yet surprisingly elegant and complex. Wine buffs may come for the shiraz, but they shouldn’t dismiss the region’s other wines. The area also produces excellent grenache and cabernet sauvignon, white varieties including riesling and semillon, and even some fortified dessert wines.

The Barossa Valley is home to around 50 wineries, so it’s ambitious for tourists to see them all.

Big names like Jacob’s Creek, Penfolds, Wolf Blass, and Yalumba entice tourists, but the smaller boutiques are often more enticing. They’re less crowded, so guests generally enjoy a more personalized wine tasting experience. While they often have a smaller range of wines to taste, these wines tend to be perfected by the winemakers. Jenke Vineyards, Rockford, Vine Crest, and Rosenvale Wines have some of the area’s best.

Most Barossa Valley wineries encourage travelers to stop by and sample wines at their cellar door. Complimentary wine tastings are conducted by vineyard staff or the wine makers themselves who are eager to share their knowledge of the wine varieties. Feel free to ask any questions you have to make the most of your wine tasting experience.

The best way to see the Barossa Valley’s wineries is to join an organized wine tour. Groups including Groovy Grape Getaways, For Wine or Reason (call: 0438 388 883), and Alfie’s Wine Tours will take care of the transport, leaving you to enjoy the day’s tasting. Many tours will collect you from your accommodation and return you to your hotel at the end of the day. Wine tours typically include stops at four or five of the region’s wineries, some of the area’s other attractions, and a restaurant or winery for lunch.

If you do hope to take a self-guided tour, ensure you are mindful of Australian drink driving laws. It is illegal for drivers to have a blood alcohol level above 0.05, which is equivalent to two standard alcohol drinks. You may be fined and have your license revoked if you exceed this limit. For that reason, it’s smart to leave the car at home if you hope to enjoy some of Barossa Valley’s finest wines.

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