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in Australia

Thousands of young people are lured to Australia’s surf beaches and cosmopolitan capital cities each year, but few take advantage of all this vast country has to offer.

The land is so large, that most tourists only manage to scrape the surface before they go home.

Tourism Australia has put together, a vital resource for travelers looking to spend time Down Under. The website details discount flights, and vacation packages which pair flights with accommodation and experiences to help visitors enjoy further savings. While caters for leisure tourists, it reminds international travelers of options for extended Australian stays.

“The ability to go to Australia for up to 12 months, get a job and experience our unique and diverse adventures is very appealing to many young Americans. And what could be a more enjoyable way of adding to one’s resume?” said Tourism Australia Vice President Americas Daryl Hudson.

There are two main options for young tourists: Study and Work and Holiday visas.

The Work and Holiday visa is the ideal solution for travelers hoping to experience the true Australia. This visa allows young people to stay in Australia for up to a year, which is ample time to soak up the country’s culture and attractions while gaining extra cash and valuable life experience.

Organizing such a vacation can be a daunting process, but has all the information you need to know, including information about short-term visas and their criteria.

While it’s possible to organize your visas, flights, accommodation, and activities alone, companies like STA Travel make the process much simpler. Look to them for cheap flights to Australia. Billing itself as “the youth travel expert,” STA Travel spokesperson Patrick Evans says his firm tailors “experiences filled with adventure, discovery and personal growth” for its young clientele.

“Not only can we usually provide the cheapest price on airfare to Australia,” explained Mr. Evans, “we also have the travel experts with the experience necessary to help you plan your trip.”

While STA Travel is happy to organize a simple sightseeing trip, it can also help those young people hoping to work Down Under, whether their dream is “working as a bartender in Sydney to getting certified as a surfing instructor.”

The company can organize your Work and Holiday visa, help you make job connections, and offer discounts on flights, accommodation, and attractions.

Ever heard of a ‘gap’ year in Australia?

Hit the road on a Work and Holiday Visa, fund your travels as you go. Live like a local and be a bartender, lifeguard, ranch hand then roadtrip in the Outback or dive into the Great Barrier Reef. Learn more at Tourism Australia’s site,

While STA stands for Student Travel Association, its services are not restricted to high school and college students. Teachers and anyone aged under 26 can enjoy STA Travel’s services.

There are many reasons young globetrotters should consider Australia as a destination, whether for leisure or a working vacation.

visit Australia

visit Australia

“Australians speak English, so it is often easier for Americans and Brits to integrate with the locals and you don’t have to carry around a language book,” Evans explained. He also says that Australia’s work and holiday visa program is one of the best you’ll find.

“Their Work and Holiday Visa allows you to work in the country for an entire year. It is the perfect gap year after graduating from high school or college and by working while you are traveling, you can help defray the costs.”

While getting an internship at home may be easier you will get a lot of great life experience by extending yourself and working abroad. Plus, the experience will really stand out on your resume.

One great way for young people to find cheap airfares to Australia, and accommodation for their stay, is to check STA Travel’s website often. The company offers exclusive discounts on flights and accommodation around the world, including Australia. American travelers might also consult, as the website posts the latest specials from its partner, V Australia. These flights from Los Angeles to major Australian capitals and tourist centers can then be booked at the same discounted rate through STA Travel.

Visit the Outback in Australia

Visit the Outback in Australia

There are many accommodation options in Australia, and your reason for visiting will determine the best selection for you. Hostels are the ideal choice for a short getaway, and Australia’s are some of the world’s best.

“Australia has some of the nicest hostels in the world,” Evans enthused. “The Nomads Byron Bay Backpackers Hostel and the Base Hostel in Sydney are some of the nicest hostels you will find anywhere.”

He advises travelers working in a region to look for longer-term accommodation in their location, such as apartments or share houses.

Australia is a vast land, so Mr. Evans advises tourists spending only a week or two to focus on traveling around one specific area, such as Western Australia’s Outback, or cities like Melbourne or Sydney. Visitors on the Work and Holiday visa program with more time to explore may like to try one of STA Travel’s Oz Experience passes. Visitors on the Work and Holiday visa program with more time to explore may like to try one of STA Travel’s Oz Experience passes.

“On the Oz Experience bus, you can hop on and hop off when you want and where you want. You can choose from a pass for a specific area like the East Coast or get a pass that you can use to tour the entire continent,” Mr. Evans explained.

Australia offers plenty of landmarks for travelers to see and places to explore, but Mr. Evans suggests adding the following to your travel itinerary.

“Bondi Beach and Byron Bay are a must see for those who enjoy the water. If you’re into hiking, head to the Northern Territory and check out Uluru and Kata Tjuta. But don’t forget about the Great Barrier Reef when you visit Queensland.”

A trip to Australia takes a lot of planning, whether it’s for work or leisure purposes, but the staff at STA Travel and the information provided through can help make it easier. There are STA Travel offices in major cities and regional centers around the world, so consult their website to find one near you.

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