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Find out what to see and do in the world’s most popular travel spots. FrugalMonkey free Travel Guides provide information about activities, sightseeing and lodging options plus historical facts and other details travelers find useful. What sort of information will you find in our online travel guides? Aside from the new information we add periodically, we also offer the best current travel resources and information for locations all over the globe.

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There’s even a green travel guide, which is intently focused on eco-tourism and environmentally conscientious travel. Ecotourism is becoming of increasing concern to travelers and within this section, you will learn about green accommodations and how to be a sustainable traveler.

FrugalMonkey’s free travel guides are also the perfect resource for learning background information about a location. In most sections there is valuable history and cultural information available for travelers in addition to pages dedicated entirely to city entertainment and travel activities. Each of our online travel guides features attractions and nearby hotels, with budget accommodations listed as well. You will learn about the best time of year to travel to South Africa, or where to find skiing in South America.

Because eating and drinking are two favorite activities among travelers we feature current information on local wines and restaurants.

Take a wine tour in Argentina or eat a romantic dinner in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Our travel guide will tell you how.

Whether you are looking for an outdoor adventure tour, a relaxing beach resort, or the perfect family vacation, our free travel guides will direct you towards the perfect vacation for your tastes.

In addition to our world travel guide we also list valuable information for last minute travelers and vacationers looking for discounts. Our editors provide useful travel guides focused on affordable travel.

Keep an eye on our travel blog as well! We frequently post about our featured travel locations and list special travel deals available for those areas.

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