Great Travel Deals When You Fly As An Air Courier

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Did you know that you can receive huge discounts on international and domestic travel when you fly as an air courier? Air couriers are typically hired to accompany a package or piece of luggage on a flight.

It isn’t possible to send things of this sort on a commercial flight without a passenger. Therefore when businesses need to have something delivered quickly, they send it with an air courier so it can arrive as soon as possible to the desired destination.

When you travel as an air courier, you can receive large discounts on your flight price because of the service you are doing the business. Air courier flights are traditionally purchased ahead of time and then granted to the air courier who will be doing the traveling at a hefty discount. By becoming an air courier you can fly around the world on discounted fares. It is an excellent way to travel at the last minute and to save money while traveling.

Typically air couriers fly alone. It is very unlikely that a company would need enough packages sent that it would require two passengers. As such, air couriers are usually last minute, single travelers with very little baggage. Why can’t you bring bags? Because as an air courier the bags that you are checking are usually the bags you have been given the travel discount to accompany. Thus, air courier travel for international flights can be tricky, but it is an excellent way to save money on last minute domestic flights.

To learn more about cheap flights and easy international and domestic travel, check out FrugalMonkey for further details. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming an air courier, JobMonkey has an entire section on the practice and the International Association of Air Travel Couriers is an excellent place to learn more.

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