A Summer in Alaska

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Tourism into Alaska booms during the summer months. When the weather improves and camping, hiking, fishing and wildlife are ripe for the taking, people pour into the Last Frontier to take advantage of the amazing landscape.

Check out some of FrugalMonkey’s favorite ways to spend a summer in Alaska.

Cruise into Alaska
Taking a cruise into Alaska is an amazing way to see all that Alaska has to offer. By seeing the state from its pristine waters and by enjoying excursions on land, cruise goers get to see the best of the Last Frontier by experiencing it from every angle. Cruises into Alaska are gaining in popularity with more than a dozen cruise lines accessing the state each summer. The amazing scenery, gorgeous summer nights and the incredible number of outdoors adventures that are provided, are just a few of the reasons tourists choose an Alaskan cruise.

Another way to enjoy Alaskan travel and cruises into Alaska is by working for a cruise ship. With such a significant travel boom into the area during the summer, workers are needed to help staff the increase in cruise ships. Check out FrugalMonkey’s information on Alaskan cruises and cruise ship jobs for the summer.

Summer Work
Working for a cruise ship isn’t the only way to experience a summer working in Alaska. The fishing industry in Alaska explodes during the summer. With a bulk of the season lasting only through the summer, college students and seasonal employees rush to the north to enjoy a great summer job in a gorgeous location.

For more information, check out JobMonkey’s section on the Alaskan fishing industry.

The Great Outdoors
If you’re not interested in buckling down and working during your trip to Alaska, join the millions who travel there for the enjoyment of the great outdoors and the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness. The Alaskan Railroad is a great way to enjoy your trip through Alaska. Or, you can enjoy the thousands of acres of national parks and forests, perfect for camping and wildlife watching. Denali National Park has excellent guides and for the real adventure lovers, Alaska has rock climbing, backpacking, hiking and white water rafting. Enjoy all that Alaska has to offer and learn about travel to the area with FrugalMonkey’s extensive section on Alaskan travel.

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