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If you’re a savvy traveler, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your holiday vacation plans. We recently blogged about how bargain hunting for fall travel is going to be different than the last minute travel deals that were available during the summer, suggesting that if you’re smart, you’ll start looking for those Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation deals now, rather than later.

This is because airlines are cutting back dramatically this fall in terms of flight schedules and they’re facing rising gas prices as well.

What this means for travelers is a raise in holiday flight prices, when airlines know that people will be traveling. Because there won’t be as much available at the last minute like there was this summer, try making your winter vacation plans now, rather than waiting until the last minute. There are a number of great travel deals available that last until the weeks before the turn of the year, making this a better time than ever to pre-plan for the holidays. And, although it may seem obvious, we’ve complied a few easy ways for you to find the best bang for your buck when it comes to winter traveling.

Take your Time

You might find a good deal in the few minutes after reading this blog, but you’ll find an even better deal if you shop around. It is still September after all, which means there is plenty of time for bargain hunting. Start taking a look and experimenting with different travel ideas. By understanding what’s out there now, you will better understand a good deal when you see one.

Look for Packages

Although travelers can expect a peak in airline prices, hotels and rental car agencies are still trying to lure in travelers. This means some of the best deals you can find are in vacation packages offered online or through travel agents rather than booking these elements of your vacation separately.

Check Different Locations

If you’re doing your search online, check a number of different websites. Now might be the perfect time to try new sites like Bing!, and other travel sites that you haven’t tried. The key is to shop around and that means throughout different sites and on different dates and times.

Good luck and tune in for more great holiday travel deals in the upcoming weeks!

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