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As the famed 4th of July approaches, hoards of North Americans are making plans to travel, camp and enjoy the weekend outdoors. Find out what this means for travelers and enjoy FrugalMonkey’s 4th of July travel tips.

Keeping it Local?
Local holidays like the Fourth of July lend themselves to local camping trips and small weekend getaways. So keep your eye out for good travel deals and flights! Since so many Americans plan on traveling, hotels and airlines pump up unlikely travel deals, like flights to Mexico and other international ideas to lure travelers into a longer vacation. They want to encourage all the flying they can, so if you’re not set on plans for the fourth, you may just find a dream vacation deal hiding online.

Keeping it Semi-local?
Trips to Cabo San Lucas have always been a big crowd favorite for North Americans and even though the 4th of July is an American holiday, you’re likely to see a lot of people celebrating in Mexico. Enjoy a vacation with friends abroad and set off fireworks. Mexico flight and hotels deals are heating up this summer, so don’t feel bashful about wanting to celebrate just because you’re away. I’m sure you’ll hear a firework or two.

Car Rental Deals
A lot of city folk get out of the busy streets and bustling sidewalks in exchange for a nice camping trip or boating excursion. While a lot of city dwellers don’t necessarily have cars of their own, this means car rentals are the likely choice for some. Find car rental deals on travel auction sites or use one of our favorite travel tip methods and go to It has amazing discount codes for online purchases, including those for car rentals. It is a great technique for saving those extra bucks on the 4th of July.

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