Five Ways to Save on Travel This Summer

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As you well know, FrugalMonkey is keeping a keen eye out for the best summer deals. Recently Nina Wildorf from Budget Travel was on Good Morning America, sharing Budget Travel’s best ways to save this summer. 

Here’s what she had to say about finding the best summer travel deals and saving money.

1. Last Minute Deals
Most people get a little nervous about waiting to book travel until the last minute, but with travel companies throwing out so many last minute deals, some of the best flight prices can be found in the few days before departure. When airlines and travel companies unload inventories, last minute travelers reap the benefits. Check out FrugalMonkey’s links to excellent last minute travel websites. Some of the best online discounts can be found if you’re trying book a flight at the last minute.

2. Opportunity!
Unfortunately in this economic climate a lot of people are getting laid off. But turn this time off from work into an opportunity to travel. With such great travel deals to both domestic and international locations you can find amazing deals. Take the time you have off and enjoy a trip, or go see family and friends. With discounted airfares, hotels and car rentals you can enjoy a trip on a very low budget. You just have to look! Also, Intrepid Travel has a ‘Laid Off Promotion’ where if you book with them and enter the code: 2653, you can travel at a discount of as much as 15%.

3. Negotiations
It’s no big secret that now is the time to take advantage of travel deals, but what still remains a secret (until now, that is) is your ability to negotiate with airlines and hotels on what you’re getting. Airlines tend to have more strict policies regarding travel packages but when you’re looking for hotels in Oahu for instance, try bargaining. Hotels are especially eager to get rid of rooms and increase lodging rates. This means you can usually bargain the price down, or negotiate more bang for your buck. If you can’t get the price lowered on your stay, try asking for an upgrade. A lot of the bigger and better rooms are vacant and hotels are willing to make negotiations in order to book rooms. Don’t pay the asking price this summer, instead try talking those hotels and airlines down!

4. Public Transport
Don’t forget about the amazing travel deals you can find when you utilize public transportation. Especially trains! In the Northeast of the United States you will save big if you book your train trip at least 14 days out. Savings as much as 20% during the summer.

Train fares are a great way to enjoy cheap travel. You save on gas money and get to enjoy a good book or the scenery as you make your way. Don’t forget about amazing train vacations like those available on the Alaskan Railroad. It is a great way to save money on a stunning summer vacation.

5. Girlfriend Vacations
It may sound silly, but hotels, resorts and airlines are doing anything they can to lure travelers into a summer vacation. This includes girlfriend vacations where promotions and discounts are offered to girls traveling together. Wine tours, spa vacation packages and shopping deals are all included. Take a look at and Napa Valley travel packages with discounts for women.

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