Beat the Vacation Boredom – Ways to Pass Travel Time

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Being a frugal traveler saves you money, but it generally saps your time. We’ve all been guilty of taking a bus rather than a train, or a train rather than a plane, to cut costs. And then there’s all that time waiting around at airports and bus terminals for the connections you arranged to save a bit more dosh. With seemingly endless hours spent in transit, it’s inevitable that tedium will set in. In this article we look at some simple ways to bust the boredom while you’re on vacation.

Think back to childhood and all those games you used to play on family road trips. No matter how old you get, I Spy and 20 Questions are always fun ways to pass the time with friends. And as you don’t need anything more than the world around you, these games are perfect for backpackers or anyone else traveling light!

Once those games get tired, you only need a pen and paper to create some more. Try old favorites like Tic Tac Toe and Hangman, or get creative with a homemade take on Pictionary.

If you have more space in your suitcase look to cards and travel-sized versions of popular board games. Just make sure you’ve got some willing players that are proven good sports, because things can easily get out of hand. I have known Travel Scrabble to come between friends!

While traveling, you’ll likely take plenty of photos. Time on the road provides the perfect opportunity to organize them. Delete the ones that went wrong, or that offer incriminating evidence, and smarten up those that need retouching. By the time you arrive home your collection will be ready to show to envious family members and friends.

While I’m talking about gadgets, it’d be remiss of me not to mention all the ones that make time on the road fly buy. Immerse yourself into a new world on your e-reader, catch up with the movies and TV shows you’ve been dying to see on your tablet, and chill out to some tunes on your MP3 player. After you’ve added some of our free travel apps to your smart phone, make sure you grab some games. With all that stimulation, how could you possibly feel bored?

If you are bored though, chances are the people around you feel the same way. So why not strike up a conversation with a stranger? Once you get chatting it’s easy to forget about the long journey ahead. And if you’re really lucky, you might make a lifelong friend.

Nothing saps time as efficiently as a snooze. It’s not always very comfortable to sleep while you’re traveling, but if you can nod off you’ll easily lose an hour. Sleeping while you’re trapped on transport will also ensure you’re wide awake once you reach your destination.

bored-girlOn the other hand, you could use the time to expand your mind. Audio books can make your time traveling an opportunity for education. You could learn the language of the country you’re traveling to, or even its history!

Sometimes though, the best thing to do is the simplest. You’re on vacation, and everything around you is new, so why not soak it up? Outside your vehicle there’s an ever-changing landscape just waiting to be enjoyed!

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