Trip Planning

Crowds are the enemy of any frugal traveler. They only slow you down, forcing you to spend time in queues and being jostled about rather than enjoying the sites you’ve paid good money to see. Many of us think they’re part of seeing any major tourist attraction, but we’ve got a few sneaky secrets for […]

Many travelers love to get away because they can move from here to there, exploring the world without rules or restriction. Ask one of these free-spirited tourists to create an itinerary and they’ll probably scoff and insist the schedule will only spoil their fun. However, planning your vacation can save you serious dollars and stress. […]

Planning any trip can be complicated, but details become even more important when trying to organize a longer (multi-week, multi-month) voyage (and doing it on the cheap!). While this proposition can seem overwhelming at first, remember that the end result will be worth all of the work up front. It’s important to keep in mind that laying the groundwork by doing a bit of researching and planning will provide for a much more satisfying (and budget-friendly) travel experience. Use these tips to avoid becoming overwhelmed and exhausted during the planning process (after all, you’ll still need plenty of energy for the trip itself!).

If you’re looking for the ultimate vacation, then look no further. FrugalMonkey’s destination guides are perfect for narrowing down the perfect beach vacation. We feature vacations to Hawaii, Mexico cabanas, sailing the Mediterranean via Greece, whitewater rafting in Alaska, and World Cup sporting events in South Africa. Whatever your fancy, we can help you outline […]