If you want to take a different approach to spring break, then consider heading to the mountains as opposed to the beach during your spring break. Beach trips to Cabo San Lucas can be pretty steep on a college budget. You have to pay for expensive airfare and lodging, plus all the expenses that go […]

Now is an excellent time to fly into Mexico and the Caribbean from the States. Right now through Travelocity you can find one-way tickets into Mexico and the Caribbean for as low as $99 each way. Most major airline carriers that access US cities such as NY, Boston, San Diego, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Detroit, […]

Even though it seems the turn of the year has just passed, it isn’t too early to start making plans in regard to your summer. Especially for college students who want some great summer work, now is a great time to start making plans. If you’ve ever wanted to work at a resort as a […]

Find out how to save money on flights as a student. Students don’t have a lot of money to throw around, yet travel agencies and companies know that one of the largest demographics among travelers are students. While most students look on travel auctions for cheap flights, one of the very best sites to offer […]