It’s time to start planning your summer travels. If you are looking to travel domestically this summer, why not head to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul)? This urban, cosmopolitan area is a veritable mecca for arts and nature lovers. Here are some ideas for how to spend your time while you’re there. The best part is that they’re all inexpensive (most are free).

Nature lovers looking to escape the Northern Hemisphere’s chilly conditions should consider following the birds and flying south. Sanibel Island, located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, is one of America’s best places for a spot of bird watching. During the spring, some 250 bird species, including little blue herons, anhingas, and roseate spoonbills, call Sanibel Island […]

When many people think of Asia they think of shopping up a storm in the cities and discovering the continent’s cultural heritage in temples and museums. But some of Asia’s most interesting attractions are actually outdoors. Just outside Kunming in China you’ll find the Shilin Stone Forest, a forest which really isn’t a forest at […]

In this world of global tourism, there are very few unspoiled areas. One spot that can boast such a title is Jiuzhaigou Valley, or Nine Village Valley as it is commonly called. This picturesque alpine location lies in the Sichuan province, around 450 kilometers from the capital, Chengdu. Its English name comes from the nine […]

So gorgeous is New Zealand’s Milford Sound that British writer Rudyard Kipling once called it the “eighth wonder of the world.” The dark brooding waters, rocky cliffs, and lush forests of this photogenic area inspire around half a million tourists to visit this spot on New Zealand’s South Island every year. Milford Sound is the […]

Japan has a reputation as the world’s technological center. But many tourists to the Asian nation are just as impressed with the country’s natural wonders. One of the most magnificent is the caldera of Mount Aso. You’ll find this active volcano at the heart of the island of Kyushu. Its caldera is one of the […]

Chiang Mai is the largest city in Northern Thailand, so it’s hard to believe that once this mountainous location was only accessible by river or elephants. Today transport’s a lot easier. All the major domestic airlines, including Thai Airways and Air Asia, fly between Bangkok and Chiang Mai several times each day. Buses and trains […]