family travel

For many of us the arrival of children signals a change from luxury vacations to more modest trips. Perhaps the expansion of your own family is what brought you to the Frugal Monkey blog! We’ve already looked at ways to save money on family vacations, but conserving the bank balance isn’t the only thing we […]

Vietnam is heaven for bargain hunters, but tiny tots won’t enjoy the shopping in Hanoi and historical sites the country is famous for. So what are families to do? As it turns out, there’s plenty for the entire brood to see and do in this budget Asian destination. The secret to traveling with children is […]

Most travelers think of Las Vegas as a destination for uninhibited bachelor parties, quickie weddings, and senior citizen excursions. The Nevada capital admittedly offers plenty for the footloose and fancy free, but it’s also a great place for a family vacation. Indulging in the city’s wild side is costly, but its kid-friendly activities are more […]

Most of us think of Hong Kong as a fast-paced destination designed for adults with cash to splash or healthy dim sum sized appetites. But it’s actually a great family vacation spot. Here are a few tourist attractions that kids and their parents will enjoy. Hong Kong’s most popular tourist attraction is Victoria Peak, a […]

If you want to treat your whole family to a South Pacific vacation, make sure you consider Fiji. While many island locations cater for couples, this is one country whose tourism industry puts family first. Many of the island’s resorts have child-friendly clubs and activities designed to give mom and dad as much private time […]