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As global warming continues to take its toll, travelers want to be sure that discovering the planet won’t ruin it for future generations. Ecotourism is an exciting new trend, but sustainable lodging and vacation packages can often cost a bomb. Happily though, you don’t need to invest in expensive accommodation and extras to vacation a […]

f you’re a frugal eco-traveler, chances are you’ve seen the label “LEED certified” on various hotels, restaurants, museums and sports stadiums. I always knew this was something that should impress me, but until lately, I didn’t really understand everything that LEED certification entails. If you’re curious like I was, here is a quick overview of what is involved in obtaining and maintaining a LEED certification.

Here are some suggestions of books and magazines that will guide you along your journey as a frugal traveler. All of these titles are available on

Many of the posts on this site focus on frugal travel tips or ways to save money at certain destinations. The aim of this post is a bit different: to help frugal travelers identify certain a philosophy/philosophies can guide their overall travel habits (including trip planning, trip enjoyment, and trip sharing). Many portions of these three philosophies also pertain to life in general. Enjoy!