Get Rail Passes

Having a rail pass allows for a lot of open ended travel, especially in Europe. You may have heard about Eurail passes?

You can get several different kinds of Eurail passes each with its own unique set of benefits. For instance, with a Global Pass you can hit up to 18 different countries in Europe: Denmark, Belgium, France, Norway, Greece, and many other great destinations. A National Pass lets you explore one country thoroughly. Go to the Eurail website to learn more. Passes cost between US $1,899 for three month first-class adult Global Pass down to US $209 for a 2nd class National Pass.

In the United States the only national rail options are with Amtrak. Amtrak North American Rail Pass, good for thirty days, costs $999 during the peak season (2007 price). Alaska travel by rail is possible on the Alaska Railroad. Prices vary depending on the travel class you choose and how far you’re traveling.

Get a Japan rail pass for 7, 14, or 21 days. The pass allows visitors to hit most areas of Japan on the vast network of Japan Railways (JR). Prices vary depending on the type of rail car you choose. Children 6-11 get 50% off.

Rail Australia is an alliance of railways in Australia, networked together to help tourists see as much of Australia as possible. Australia travel by rail is gaining in popularity with rail travelers being able to see Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and other regions of the massive continent. Prices vary and are available on the Rail Australia website.

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